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Wave Rider Surf School
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Wave Rider Surf School
Wave Rider Surf School
Wave Rider Surf School
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Wave Rider Surf School  
ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors)

Wave Rider Surf School
Wave Rider Surf School
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Wave Rider Surf School
Asociacion de profesionales de surf de la oliva
Wave Rider Surf School

Intermediate Surf Course

This course is all about improving your surfing. Our instructors will work on fine tuning the skills you already have and also introduce you to new skills, so that you can take your surfing to another level!
For this course you should be able to catch and ride un-broken waves on a regular basis and be fairly comfortable going both directions. 
The course covers stance, positioning and take off, wave selection, turning, surf theory and surf fitness. 
Our instructors will be in the water with you, providing constructive feedback and coaching tips.
This course really will boost your surfing, providing you with the skills and knowledge to take away and practice at your local break.

We use the ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) coaching programme which is the world standard in surf education. Included in the price of our surf courses are ASI student workbooks, so you can log your surfing progression, and ASI achievement certificates, to certify the standard you have reached at the end of your surf course.

Previous experience

  • Can catch and ride unbroken waves
  • Comfortable going both directions
  • Reasonable paddle fitness

Course content

  • Beach and water safety
  • Stance
  • Positioning and take off
  • Wave selection
  • Turning
  • Surf theory
  • Surf fitness

We only teach in small groups, no more than 6 to a group, this ensures that everybody receives the correct amount of instruction, enabling you to progress as much as possible during your surf course.


  • Pick up and drop off from your accommodation, on the days of your surf course
  • All equipment: wetsuits, rash vests, boards and leashes
  • ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) Student Work Book (3,5 and 7 day courses)
  • ASI Achievement Certificate ( 3, 5 and 7 day courses)
  • Full insurance


  • 1 DAY SURF COURSE – €45.00
  • 2 DAY SURF COURSE - €90.00
  • 3 DAY SURF COURSE - €120.00
  • 4 DAY SURF COURSE - €155.00
  • 5 DAY SURF COURSE - €185.00 (our most popular course, a great way to get in to surfing)
  • 7 DAY SURF COURSE – €240.00
  • 10 DAY SURF COURSE - €300.00


Intermediate Surf CourseIntermediate Surf Course
Intermediate Surf Course
Wave Rider Surf School Wave Rider Surf School
Wave Rider Surf School